Part Seven

          Christopher and I were laying down on my bed with his new baby brother Michael resting on a pillow between us. Michael was so tiny, squishy, and perfect. He looked like he had an old man’s receding hairline, bald on top and very little hair going from one ear all around his head to the other ear. I just came home with Michael from the hospital that afternoon.             I looked at Christopher as he looked at Michael.             “You can touch him, just be super careful ok” I said to Christopher.     “Here” She said handing me the three-month-old baby, “watch your sister”.             I was never allowed to touch her before and now I was holding her, a baby, in the living room so She could go run to the phone that was ringing. Denise wasn’t so heavy but I had never held a baby before, so I looked at the couch and slowly scooted my feet towards it and sat down. She answered the phone and pulled the long phone cord down the hallway and closed herself in the hall bat

Part Six

  My Aunt Sara taught me how to love. Good touches like a hug and the gently patting of a baby’s back were not known to me. I would have been lost without spending the time I had in her home. I was two months pregnant when she and I got into contact through her son and she welcomed me in, no questions asked. We had not spoken since I was a child, due to a falling out between her and my mother. I never knew exactly what had happened between them, but Aunt Sara assured me that it had nothing to do with me or our future and she was glad that I was a part of her life now. I just turned twenty and now sat with a newborn baby the size of a jumbo watermelon resting on my lap. He was crying, a soft meowing sort of cry, but it still made me nervous and anxious; and all I could say was “Hush, you’re ok.” Aunt Sara saw me as she was passing by my open bedroom door. She was a very caring, and thoughtful woman. She wasn’t very tall, most of the women in my family are within the 5’5” to 5’7” hei

Part Five

                 Christopher and I walked down the isles at Blockbuster, looking for something fun to watch over the upcoming weekend. A six-year-old Christopher held my hand and touched every movie he passed with his other hand, moving them all just a little bit. His hand touched a DVD that had a big blue house on the cover, and he grabbed it.             “Mom can I have this one?” he asked.             I took the movie and looked at it. The movie was called ‘House’ and on the back it had a zombie hand ringing the doorbell. I knew the movie; it was an old 80’s horror flick. I put it back on a shelf a little higher than Christopher could reach.             “Sorry baby, it’s a scary movie, it’s not for kids” I said and started walking away from the movie still holding Christopher’s hand.             “No mom, I want to watch it, please, please, please” Christopher begged.             “No babe, I said it’s not for kids” and tugged Christopher’s hand to follow me.            

She - Part Four

              We just moved into a new house. We moved out of what we considered our hometown six years ago and were finally able to come back. That was what mattered when getting the new house; that it was in the right city. I never really gave up that we were going to come back home someday, so I never changed Michaels elementary school and we still did all our grocery shopping in the area. Either Christopher or I would make a 30-minute one way commute twice a day to drop off and then pick up Michael from school. It was important to me that I made sure Michael could stay close to his friends and teachers who knew him. We had to wake earlier, and I would get home later, but it was worth it. There were boxes, bags and dissembled furniture scattered around the whole house. The only free space was the long hallway. Every other room had furniture and everyone’s personal items cluttered about. My Daughter Michelle stood up in her crib in the bedroom we would share. There were enough ro